Container Systems

Container Systems


Container Systems

Parat Halvorsen has since 1920 been a leading supplier of boilers to the industrial market, delivering more than 7,000 units. Our customers include dairies, cleaners, bakeries, slaughterhouses, hospitals and the processing industry. Our plants range from 15 kW to 60,000 kW. All forms of energy are used, including oil, gas, bio-fuel, waste-heat and electrical.

Our priority area is steam and hotwater plants over 110°C as well as hotwater and thermal oil systems. We supply complete boilerhouses and containersystems. Our strength lies in providing complete packages, from design to ready installed boiler systems. 

Here are a few of our container based deliveries:

Vågen Energisentral

Vågen Energisentral. Capacity: 3200kW. Customer: Lyse Infra AS.

Risavika Energisentral

Risavika Energisentral. Capacity: 3000kW. Customer: Lyse Infra AS


Moldebadet. Capacity: 2000kW. Customer: Istad Nett AS

Stavanger Konserthus

Stavanger Konserthus. Capacity: 2 x 3200kW. Customer: Lyse Infra AS


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