21. Mar 2024

The UN Global Compact

In today's rapidly evolving global landscape, businesses are increasingly recognizing their role in driving positive change. At Parat, we are proud to share that our parent company, Babcock Wanson Group is a part of the UN Global Compact. This membership reinforces our dedication to aligning our practices with universal principles focused on human rights, labor rights, environmental stewardship, and anti-corruption efforts.

The UN Global Compact serves as a call to action for companies worldwide, urging them to integrate these principles into their strategies and operations. By joining this initiative, we commit to upholding these principles and contributing to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At Parat, our mission is deeply rooted in our commitment to facilitating the global industry's transition to net-zero emissions through zero-emission heating solutions. By aligning with the UN Global Compact, we reinforce our dedication to making a positive impact on society and the environment.

The UN Global Compact, is a diverse network of over 19,000 companies across 164 countries who share a common vision of a more sustainable and inclusive world. This network provides a valuable opportunity for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and learning from best practices. Through continuous improvement and transparency, we aim to strengthen our contributions to global sustainability efforts.

The Babcock Wanson Group, stands at the forefront of the energy transition as a leading European supplier of equipment and solutions for industrial boiler rooms. We are honored to take this next step in our commitment to responsibility, and we look forward to driving positive change alongside the UN Global Compact.

Together, we strive towards a more sustainable future for generations to come, where businesses play a pivotal role in creating a world that is equitable, resilient, and environmentally conscious – and we strongly believe that our solutions for decarbonizing industrial heating operations are significantly contributing to solving the challenge of reaching net zero.


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